Srisailam Sri Bramarambha Sametha Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

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Srisailam is a holy ShivaKshetra, It is situated in Nallamala forest, Atmakur Taluk, Kurnool district of Andhrapradesh state. Srisailam is an ancient punyakshetra in India. It is a popular pilgrimage centre in South India, and famous since from lakh's of years. In this holy shrine the god shiva is called as Sri “Mallikarjuna swamy” believed to be a “Swayambu linga” (self emanated linga) of the god shiva.
                   Srisailam temple is one among 12  Jyothirlinga's. The Temple has 4 rajagopura's on four sides (East, West, North and South) of the temple. Among them one is Sri Krishna devaraya gopura and the other is Shivaji gopura. Srisaila Kshetra has 384 km of width and length with 4 temples as Mahadwara’s and other 4 temples as sub entrances at corners of east, west, north and south sides.
“Tripurantakam” is in Eastern side of the temple located in Prakasam district. Pilgrims from the north east side of the state (Guntur) enter through this holy gate. “Siddhavatam” is on the southern side of the temple located in Kadapa district.”Alampur” is on the west to Srisailam temple. Alampur is located in Mahaboobnagar district of Telangana state. “Umamaheswaram” is on the north side to Srisailam temple, which is located in Mahaboobnagar district of Telangana state.
There are 4 sub entries to the srisailam temple. Saleshwaram is in the North-East(Esanya) corner, Somasila is in South-East(Agneya) corner, Pushpagiri is in the South-West (Nyruthi) corner and Sangamswaram is in North-West (Vayuvya) corner.These gateways are scared with holy temples and Punyakshetras. It is said in Skand Purana that having visited this pillgrim(Sri Malikarjunaswami temple) will be blessed with Moksha. srisaila Mallikarjuna and his consort Bramaramba devi were worshipped by Hiranyakasipa in Krutayuga. Sri Rama in Tretayuga had worshipped, Srisaila Mallikarjuna and Bhramaramaba devi. The Pandavas also worshiped the swayambhu Shivalingam in Dwapara yuga.They also erected (Pratistha) the 5 Linga’s which received the pages of the Pilgrims even today.
Importance of Srisailam :
                                          The Srisailam is an Historical temple and ancient pilgrimage center in India.This place is rich with natural resources like medicinal plant's,rare trees, hills, valleys, rivers and temples. This location is at a height of 1500 feet above the sea level. Mahashivaratri, Makara sankranthi and Ugadi are the important festivals which are celebrate's most grandly and traditionally at the holy Srisailam temple. In Karthika masa and Magha masa a large number of devotees are to be visited Srisailam Temple. Bramaramba,the consort of the Lord here is known as one among eighteen sakthi peethas in India. The  holiness of this temple is mentioned in Veda,purnas. Srisailam has three divine peaks(Mountains), Bramhagiri, Vishnugiri, Rudragiri. There are some other pilgrimage centers also in this holy place. They are Siddhiramappa colonu, Sanagala basavanna, Navagraha temple, Hatakeswaram, Paladhara-PanchadaraKshetram, Arthanareeswara temple, Hemareddy mallamma and Akkamahadevi caves are located Around srisailam.
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